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mona lisa vagina

WHAT IS VAGINAL ATROPHY? Vaginal atrophy, or vaginal ageing, affects around 50 percent of menopausal and post-menopausal women. The walls of the vagina become thinner and the natural elasticity and blood supply is reduced. The protective mucosa of the vagina can lose hydration and thickness causing a loss of lubrication.

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Stretching of the vagina and introitus can occur from vaginal delivery or be a part of the natural aging process. MonaLisa Touch laser acts directly on the mucosa of the walls of the vagina to: tighten, reshape, tone, stimulate tissue and regenerate collagen. Treatment with MonsaLisa Touch will: Maintain the collagen content of the vaginal

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About The MonaLisa Touch Treatment. Mona Lisa Touch is a non-surgical treatment for vaginal atrophy that has been used Australia since 2013 by a select gynaecologists, urogynaecologists and menopause doctors.

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mona lisa vagina

While the Mona Lisa Touch laser is an effective way to offer relief from vaginal dryness and other symptoms related to low estrogen levels, it is not a cosmetic procedure, nor is it meant to act as “vaginal rejuvenation.” “This procedure is not meant to tighten the vagina or give it a more ‘youthful appearance,’” Clifford said.

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Mona Lisa Touch . Mona Lisa Touch is another non-surgical approach. However, it specifically treats the internal tissues of the vagina. Mona Lisa Touch is also different because it acquires its effect from CO2 laser therapy rather than radio-frequency energy.

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According to the manufacturer’s guide, the MonaLisa Touch could relieve these conditions, known collectively as genitourinary syndrome of menopause (GSM), or vaginal atrophy, by boosting the

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MonaLisa Touch: For Vaginal Dryness or Pain. If your post-menopausal vagina hurts when you have intercourse, you have probably been told to use an estrogen cream to help heal the tissue and mucosa.

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Mona Lisa Touch | Painful Sex & Urinary Incontinence Flint • Genesee County • Burton • Fenton • Flushing • Grand Blanc. Changes in the vagina happen to the majority of women due to childbirth, menopause, or hormonal changes, causing painful sex, vaginal dryness and urinary incontinence.

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Vaginal discomforts as dryness, burning, urinary incontinence can occur also during pre-menopause or after child birth. The main cause is often atrophic vaginitis: a disease that can adversely affects your life and the relationship with your partner.

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mona lisa vagina

Who posed for the 'Mona Lisa of vaginas'? Her vagina may just have been written out of history. While there was no absolute proof – and one blazing bit of contradictory evidence – it was

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mona lisa vagina

Vaginal Lasers and Skin Tightening. Vaginal Laser Therapy (Mona Lisa Touch technology) is an increasingly popular alternative to Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT creams) and/or Vaginal Surgery to correct for skin laxity (loose skin), vaginal atrophy (skin thinning as we age) and vaginal canal dryness after pregnancy, illness treatments or menopause.

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