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gay referencesIt wasn’t easy to put gay characters on TV in the 1990s. But one show managed to be gayer than pretty much any other mainstream sitcom of the time. Frasier had two huge advantages when it came

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Those 7 References: A Study of 7 References to Homosexuality in the Bible [John F. Dwyer] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This book is meant to add another voice to the ongoing discussion of the place of homosexuality and homosexual relationships in the experience of the Church.

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gay referencesIs being gay a sin? Is it a sin to be gay? If homosexuality is a sin, why didn’t Jesus ever mention it? What does the Bible say about being a lesbian? Does the

Are there any references to homosexuality in Shakespeare?

Gay classifications | This posting is part II in my series explaining the various subgroups in the gay male culture. Today's topic is the Twink. (To read Part I: A Reference Guide to Gay Bear

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Keep in mind: the fact that there was no concept for sexual orientation and certainly not classes of human beings divisible as gay or straight in Shakespeare's day. It's difficult to talk about a character as "gay" or straight since the understanding of human sexuality was so different.

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Delta Airlines have reportedly censored gay references out of the Elton John biopic Rocketman, and it's only the latest of many instances where critics allege airlines have made questionable anti

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gay referencesA 2014 fatwa from the mainstream proclaimed that homosexuality is "abnormal" and abhorrent" and confirmed that gays should be killed: "The punishment for men or women who are unwilling to give up homosexuality and therefore are rejecting the guidance of Allah Most High is in fact death according to Islam."

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gay referencesCreech was a United Methodist pastor for nearly 30 years and has been at the center of the controversy around the blessing of gay and lesbian unions in the church. Creech also wrote the foreword to "Mixed Blessings," a Human Rights Campaign Foundation report about organized religion and gay and lesbian Americans.

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Those 7 References: A Study of 7 References to Homosexuality

History and context. Because of sodomy laws and threat of prosecution due to the criminalization of homosexuality, LGBT slang has served as an argot or cant, a secret language and a way for the LGBT community to communicate with each other publicly without revealing their sexual orientation to others.

What does the New Testament say about homosexuality

gay referencesWhy is the gay rights movement so aggressively pushing for gay marriage/same-sex marriage when most people, religious and non-religious, are supportive of—or at least far less opposed to—gay couples having all the same legal rights as married couples with some form of civil union?

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While I'm not trying to sound like a Biblical scholar or know-it-all, it irks me how blind so many Christians are to the historical context of the stories from the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament) and Christian Scriptures (New Testament) which are typically used to condemn gay people and the fact of being gay.

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