gay means happy

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Gay definition, of, relating to, or exhibiting sexual desire or behavior directed toward a person or persons of one's own sex; homosexual: a gay couple. See more.

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‘After finding a gay community on-line, I became much happier.’ ‘Their partnership was one of the first openly gay relationships portrayed in popular media.’ ‘He goes on to say that the support of the gay community means the world to him.’ ‘When I lived in Boston there were few gay bars, as everyone there just mixed in straight

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(a) Able to sit nearer than five feet away from one’s bro in a hot tub

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originally gay meant happy, just like a ***** is a bundle of sticks or a cigar. Well think about this if someone called me a poopy face in a mean enough manner though it may be a dumb insult and i may question there intelligence it would still hurt because of the way they said it.

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Today I found out how ‘gay’ came to mean ‘homosexual’. The word “gay” seems to have its origins around the 12th century in England, derived from the Old French word ‘gai’, which in turn was probably derived from a Germanic word, though that isn’t completely known. The word’s

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In its English term, 'gay' means happy. In current slang, gay can mean anything from something you don't like, to girls liking girls, however it is defined as GUYS liking GUYS. Girls liking girls

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a "gay house" was a reference to a brothel a gay man was a womanizer and a gay woman would be a prostitute. This stems from the added definition of "morally uninhibited" Traces of gay meaning "happy" or "good" can still be seen in old television shows from the mid to late 20th century.

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gay means happy

The use of gay to mean "homosexual" was often an extension of its application to prostitution: a gay boy was a young man or boy serving male clients. Similarly, a gay cat was a young male apprenticed to an older hobo, commonly exchanging sex and other services for protection and tutelage.

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gay means happy

The word gay means two people of the same gender, a man and a man or a woman and a woman, who love each other. It describes a boy who wants to have a boyfriend or a girl who wants to have a girlfriend. “Gay” can refer to either men or women but it is sometimes used just to refer to gay men. Women who are gay are also called “lesbians.”

How ‘Gay’ Came to Mean ‘Homosexual’ - Today I Found Out

Gay definition is - happily excited : merry. How to use gay in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of gay.

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